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Asalamoalaykum sister,
I just found your blogs today! I just began my "hijab blog" a month ago. It's about my struggles and committment to finally wear the headscarf in addition to overall hijab. I really like your blogs and other articles. Especially in "hijab for beginners" in which you wrote "just do it"...that is exactly the same line i used in my blog just a few weeks ago! i'm so glad to find support like this now, i did not have such when i wore the headscarf back in highschool , 15 years ago. that led me to remove the scarf, but now Alhamdullillah, i'm back on track, InshaaAllah. Please take time to read my blog and leave comments on what you think, I'd love to know! Nice to meet you and keep in touch ;-)


Umair Salam

I check your posts via bloglines...happy 5th anniversary ;) a happy retirement wish for your dad...phd's are cool...congratulations for your sis...and a happy 100th for your grandma, that's so cute ;)

hope you take some pics and share them...i sent you a facebook invite, join and you can share pics easily with only the cool people, hehehehe.


Salam sister Umma,

Thanks for visiting. I'm off to check out your blog now. It's great to hear that you're starting to wear hijab again! I've been wearing it for not quite eight years now. I think it was a lot easier to start it back in the pre-9/11 days so I have a lot of respect for the sisters who are starting now!

Ma'a salama


As-salaamu alaykum brother Umair,

Yep, reading blogs via RSS is definitely the way to go. I never unsubscribe from any blog, just in case they come back later and post again.

I'll look into Facebook, inshallah, but I'll probably be using my Vox account to share photos with my friends and family.

Ma'a salama!


Mabruk! I guess your blog must have been one of the first Muslim blogs online mashallah.


Even though you so seldom update, I check back regularly for the top five news stories feature. I've found some really interesting stuff that way. Thanks! May your next five years be good.

Yusuf Smith

As-Salaamu 'alaikum,

I still have your blog at the top of my sisters' blog section (by virtue of it being at the top of the alphabet!) and still read it from time to time. I'm glad you turned comments back on as comments are what give a blog life, IMHO.

BTW: can you contact me? I know of a sister who wears niqab (in Canada) and wants to get work without having to take it off. Perhaps I can put you in touch with her insha Allah if you can help her out.


Happy 5th anniversary for the blog.

I don't check your blog regularly but I do visit once every few months and usually find a post or two. :-)

I don't even remember when was the last time I commented here.


Hello brothers and sisters,

i was shocked as i saw this blog: http://www.assigranten.blogspot.com/. The blogger, named Eckehard L. from Schwelm in Germany, says that Allah is a pig and a child-rapist and that every moslem has to be killed. Im very shocked of this words.

What can we do against this?

Some friendly people of Germany watch his blog: http://cawatch.beeplog.com

Best Regards
Allahu Akbar

U Sawson

As'salaam alaikum!
Nice to meet you. I really like that you're sharing your thoughts with the world. I came across this via a google gadget. :)
My blog is umniyahsawson.blogspot.com
Be sure to read how I started wearing Hijaab, I think we have parallels in the advice we give.



I must say it is very impressive having a blog running for 5 years. I have been running a hijab site for just a year or so and feel puffed with the internet sometimes, i sell the hijab


salam everyone - Great resource Masha'Allah. I came across another
Islamic blog (IqraSense.com) with good
information. There are some interesting articles on Islamic dress code also.

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